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Welcome to Barrelhead Brewhouse We are now officially open for business! We are very excited to serve the community everyday of the week. We are open Monday through Friday from 5pm-2am and Saturday and Sunday from 12pm-2am, so come join us for dinner and a pint. We are still putting the final touches on the website, which will be complete soon. Please check back for updates, but in the meantime please check our Facebook updates below.

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Barrel aged Tonight's the Night getting started over here. Boyd and Blair Potato Vodka, Dolin Dry and Amaro Montenegro USA. Unfortunately, no tasting for a few weeks. Maybe just a tiny taste? We have poor impulse control.

Dear Beautiful Angels in the Service Industry, Starting now, all day every day, Guinness, Anchor Steam , Linden Street Brewery Black Lager, Ninkasi Brewing Pravda Pils, Jameson, Fernet and (ahem) Fireball are all 5 bucks. All the time. Non-service industry can have this too. Math is hard and tiered pricing is for jerks. Love, The Barrelhead Brewhouse

We know that panoramas are for sweet, sweeping vistas from your hikes in the headlands. But we're here to remind you that there are different kinds of beauty.

Yeah, guys. We're open for brunch.

Our phone# is 415-416-6989

Oh, man. We've been keeping secrets. Most of you probably know but we're totally open. Like for really reals. With the food and the booze and THE BEER. Come hang out with us. (Also, if you can keep a secret, brunch starts on Saturday).

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