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Welcome to Barrel Head Brewhouse

We are excited to serve our incredible community 7 days a week. Come join us for dinner (or lunch or brunch) and a pint!


Sunday 10am – 12am
Monday 12pm – 12am
Tuesday 12pm – 2am
Wednesday 12pm – 2am
Thursday 12pm – 2am
Friday 12pm – 2am
Saturday 10am – 2am
Brunch is served until 2:30pm on weekends, resuming with our dinner menu at 3:30pm
Dinner is served until 1am Tuesday – Saturday and 11pm on Sunday & Monday


Monday – Friday from 3pm – 7pm
$3 off House Beers
$3 off House Brewtails & Cocktails
$4 Fun Bites

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Check out the love we got from the SF Examiner:

I enjoy seeing bartenders making their rounds about San Francisco, starting programs and evolving into the type of drink makers that suit the mood and...

Torpedo to tap beer system.... should be done with all military equipment:)

Foot Ball Season is upon us… so 10:00am Saturday & Sunday Brunch opening! And WINGS (Saturday Sunday Monday only) Wings are from local Petaluma farms & Point Reyes blue cheese buttermilk dipping sauce. Just for you (5 wings) Bring a friend (10 wings) Gluttonous (25 wings)

IT’s not ready yet, but we are working on something exciting: We have all been very lucky in the last few years to have so many new producers of quality cider who don’t use extracts, concentrates, sulfites and other preservatives. But if you want the type of cider you might find in a small pub in a rural town in Europe, the funky, bone-dry kind that makes your cheeks rosy when you drink it, well, you have to make it yourself. That’s why we bought an old wooden cider press and have been hand crushing and pressing apples, crab apples, and pears from our friends' and families’ backyards all over the Bay Area. If you like the sweet, one-dimensional cider you can find at any supermarket, this spontaneously fermented traditional libation probably isn’t for you. But if you want to taste Fall the way it has tasted for hundreds of years, you’re welcome. Will let you know when it’s ready.

After a good pint at the bar, you can now take a Growlers of house beers to go☺

Brewmaster Ozzie Dean rocks out his new IPA the Dropkick. He says this beer smells of the scent you might expect as a bronzed Reef girl passes you on a tropical beach while you’re eating a guava. And just when you’re feeling warm spice and everything nice, the finish, as it so often tends to be, is bittersweet. 6.2% abv 59 IBUs BOOM!

After the last Barrel Head F.B. post our bosses got bombarded with comments to stay open for the evening of the 4th of July. They did already give kitchen staff the night off but a few of us orphan bartenders are refusing to leave, so the Barrel Head will be open (bar only), and pouring drinks until late tonight. Happy 4th of July, celebrate your freedom with us after, before or during the fire works. ~ The Rouge and Orphan “We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution. Don't interfere with anything in the Constitution. That must be maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties.” ― Abraham Lincoln

Tomorrow at 5pm we will be closing. We will be reopening the following day for brunch at 11am. Have a Happy 4th of July.

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